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Problem Statement

Task 1

  1. Setup the infrastructure, required for the task, on two virtual machines running locally on a laptop. One VM contains the Jenkins and related infrastructure, and the second VM is for deploying SuiteCRM using the pipeline.
  2. Setup the infrastructure, of Jenkins for basic pipeline setup.
  3. Do document extensively in markdown and deploy the documentation as a MkDocs website.
  4. Getting to know Jenkins pipeline.
  5. SuiteCRM should get deployed in a server that is the second VM.
  6. Deployment of SuiteCRM on production server through jenkins pipeline.
  7. Identifying suitable tools for SuiteCRM to perform SAST and generate a report.
  8. Identifying suitable tools for SuiteCRM to perform DAST and generate a report.
  9. Generate Software Bill of Materials of SuiteCRM for all dependencies.
  10. Perform Source Code Quality Analysis for linting errors to improve code quality and generate quality report.
  11. Getting to know Software Composition Analysis.

Task 2

  1. Bring up a temporary testing environment of SuiteCRM for running DAST tool with Docker.
  2. Start and stop the testing container and DAST tool container through jenkins pipeline.